Foldable bikes are a new genre of bikes, they have been adopted increasingly as an environment friendly transport. These bikes are extremely popular because of their portability. They are compact and look classy which makes them an attractive investment. However, these bikes no matter designed with extreme care still are likely to face some issues if they are not taken care of properly. Some of these issues are mentioned below.

Repairing expenses of foldable bikes are high

Foldable bikes are much expensive and so their parts too and are hard to find locally. Some shops do repair these bikes effectively but getting parts replaced will cost you both your money and your time. You may ride with great care so that to protect your bike from damages which are expensive to repair.

More prone to breakages

When you walk in any bike shop you will compare the design of foldable bikes with other bikes and you will certainly notice that foldable bikes look fitted due to its small joining parts. These parts are not ordinary, they are the main hands behind the folding part of the bike. The drawback here is that these parts are severely prone to damages and any accident could damage them immensely which would be difficult to get repaired.

Difficult to find the right bike that suits your body type.

When buying a foldable bike you should always be careful as these tend to make the rider uncomfortable if they have chosen the wrong one. You should spend more time in inspecting your chosen bike before making the purchase. See the right weight and size according to your body. Any wrong estimates or any overviewing of important factors can lead to discomfort and development of back pains.

You will feel every bump on your ride

Foldable bikes have smaller wheels as compared to other bikes, due to their portability. This implies that they are not equipped for harsh roads. Smaller wheels means that these foldable bikes are unable to get you through the bumps and imperfections on the road and you will feel them with more intensity. It is also a good choice to read best foldable bike reviews before ordering them online. This will affect your road experience and it can make it difficult for you to foldable bike on rough roads. You can invest in high quality tires but the problem will still be there to some extent.

You do not have the freedom of choice

Foldable bikes are not as easy to customize as other bikes and this is something bad for some buyers because accessories tend to make your foldable bike more useful. Accessories such as fenders, baskets and racks would not be added. But there are some manufacturers who are specializing in manufacturing these accessories. You will have to pay more than average for these but these will make your foldable bike much more prettier and practical.

Foldable bikes do have some drawbacks but these can be avoided or the alternatives can be chosen so that you do not face any hardship in your experience. You can enjoy a wonderful biking experience on them.