Which Cold Press Juicer Should You Buy: Vertical Or Horizontal?

The juicing world has seen much advancement after the arrival of the newest cold press juicers in the market. Cold press juicers or masticating juicers are the ideal choice for making fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juices since they use an advanced technique called slow juicing to slowly squeeze out all the juice from the ingredients. While squeezing out the juice, they produce minimum heat making sure that none of the nutrients and enzymes are destroyed in the process. This means that the juice they produce are the freshest, most nutritious and most delicious than that produced by any other juicing tool. When you go looking for a cold press juicer to buy for your home or business, you will find two basic varieties in the market: vertical masticating juicers and horizontal masticating juicers.

To decide which one to select, you will need to look at each one separately and acquire some information regarding the pros and cons of both these types. Here is a comparison:

Juicing speed:

Although masticating juicers are purposefully much slower than the traditional centrifugal varieties in extracting juice from the ingredients, you can expect somewhat faster results from a vertical masticating juicer as compared to a horizontal masticating juicer. So if you want best quality juices produced at a comparatively faster speed, you would want to select a vertical cold press juicer over a horizontal one. However the slower the juice is extracted, as is the case with a horizontal juicer, the more nutrients and enzyme are conserved in the drink.

Including greens:

If you plan on juicing leafy greens often, you should definitely go for a horizontal juicer rather than a vertical one since they juice leafy greens including kale and wheatgrass much more efficiently than the vertical models. Many of the vertical cold press juicers will find it hard to juice leafy greens so you will have to stick to the basic fruits and vegetables when juicing.

Preparation Time:

In general vertical cold press juicers come with wider feed chutes as compared to the horizontal varieties to cut down on your preparation time. This means that when using a vertical model, you won’t have to cut most fruits and vegetables as you would with a horizontal juicer. So you can expect a much easier job when using a vertical cold press juicer rather than a horizontal one.


Although all the new varieties are quite easy to clean up and most of them are also dishwasher safe, you can expect a much simpler cleanup using a vertical masticating juicer rather than a horizontal one. This is because of the design of the vertical juicers and also the juice cap present in most of the varieties. After you are done juicing, you can close the cap and pour some water into the feed chute, let it pass through the filter and then open the cap to let it out. Afterwards you can wash all the parts with water easily. Horizontal varieties require a little more effort.